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Mini Mansions drummer Mikey Schuman talks “emotional” new EP and working with Alex Turner
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"This is the right way to get our band back into it"

Mini Mansions drummer Mikey Schuman has opened up on the band’s plans for the future as they prepare to release their new EP.

Yesterday, the Los Angeles band announced that they will return on September 28 with their ‘Works Every Time’ EP, as well as sharing the title track.

Speaking to NME, Schuman described how an EP was the perfect place for the group to return after 2015’s ‘The Great Pretenders’.

“It’s been a long time of touring, so this is the right way to get our band back into it”, Schuman explained.

Hello friends and fans of the mansions family, thank you for staying engaged with our music. We’re really excited to start sharing what we have been growing in the greenhouse.


— Mini Mansions (@MiniMansions) July 12, 2018

“To get us reacquainted with it is the right way to start. We’re planning a long term thing and this is the best way to start.

“We’d written a lot of songs and sometimes not knowing when to put them out. It seemed like the best introduction of what’s to come without blowing our load.”

Schuman also opened up on what to expect from the EP, explaining how his recent “life experiences” had shaped it.

“In the past, we’ve hid behind a fantastical ways to putting our feelings down on paper. In the last few years, I’ve had a lot of changes and life experiences that made me more meaningful”, he said.

“That was a big thing in our writing, and we wanted to speak to the truth and not hide behind any masks.

“These songs are more personable and we’re showing our emotions.”

And with a strong association between Mini Mansion and Arctic Monkeys, Schuman was quick to praise ‘Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino’.

“I love it. Tyler from Mansions recorded on that record and he’s now touring on keys”, he said.

It’s great, it’s definitely a departure from what they’ve done before but in a way it sounds more like Alex than ever.”

13/07/2018 13:42:39
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