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Listen to Hamilton Leithauser’s new collaboration with Angel Olsen, ‘Heartstruck (Wild Hunger)’
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Hamilton Leithauser has shared his new single ‘Heartstruck (Wild Hunger)’, a collaboration with Angel Olsen – listen to the track below.

The song is Leithauser’s first new music since the release of ‘I Had A Dream That You Were Mine’ last year, which was a collaboration with ex-Vampire Weekend multi-instrumentalist Rostam.

Leithauser has once again sought out a collaborator for his latest track, with the former Walkmen frontman this time pairing up with Angel Olsen for the new song.

Speaking about the track, Leithauser said: “This song is about catching yourself off guard when an emotion hits a little harder than you were ready for. It’s a desperate and funny situation. The desperation can be a little bit ridiculous, which can be a little bit funny, but it’s also desperate, so it’s agonising.

“I thought ‘wild hunger’ should be delivered with huge passion and energy, and I needed a fierce and booming voice as a counterbalance. Luckily, I got my first choice: Angel Olsen.”

Listen to Hamilton Leithauser and Angel Olsen’s ‘Heartstruck (Wild Hunger)’ below.

Heartstruck – Wild Hunger, a song by Hamilton Leithauser, Angel Olsen on Spotify

Olsen recently collaborated with Alex Cameron for the track ‘Stranger’s Kiss’ – the video for which starred Girls actress Jemima Kirke.

12/10/2017 15:38:23
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